To Mix or Not to Mix…How do You Vote?

My kids love to play with Playdoh. It is a magical mixture of imagination. They are able to create, mold, pull, squish, twist, so many different options.

When I had my first child, I would not allow him to mix the Playdoh colors. It just didn’t seem right! We would create things but I would always tell him not to squish them together where he couldn’t get them apart. So it was more that the colors could sit together but not mix, know what I mean?

Kid number two I tried the same. Sometimes they would get mixed by “accident” and we started having a mixed batch and then a not mixed batch.

Kids number 3 & 4…y’all…I don’t have time or the energy to micromanage. I realized how much they enjoyed the mixing to see what the colors would make. Sometimes they aren’t happy with the brown or grey results after it is completely mixed together but they always seem to find a use for it. It becomes dirt, poop or gravel. Great! Why not let their imaginations soar and let them just play honestly and learn through it.

Well, I surveyed my Facebook friends and got some pretty fun answers. Most either said mix it up or no way. See for yourself what the 36 results were. Where would you fall in this pie chart? Would you be a mix it, no mixing or somewhere in between like some of these others? Comment below with where you fall!

Mix Away=13; No Mixing=12; Mix knowing you can’t Unmix=3; I just don’t watch=3; 2 buckets: Mixable & the Unmixable=3; I only give 1 color=1; No Playdoh allowed=1

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