How Do You Have Christmas With Four Cats?!

Oatis enjoying his new perch.

We have four cats. Yep, four. I should clarify, first, that they are still in the kitten stage, so that always makes things extra fun and interesting! This will be the first year my daughter (who is seven) and I will have Christmas with these four cuddly kitten cuties. We have Pip and Fiona, who are brother and sister, and brothers, Stormcloud and Oatis, who are growing fast because they are Main Coons!

Fiona excitedly waits for Santa Clause.

Of course, I turned to Google to figure out some ways to deter our lovely furbabies away from our tree. One suggestion was orange peels and aluminum foil around the trunk of the tree. Apparently, cats don’t like the smell or the sound. Well, first, I could envision them playing with these items and second, this doesn’t necessarily protect the top portion of the tree. These cats must have been a part of the circus in their past lives because they can trapeze into the highest of places! Which is the same reason gates surrounding the tree won’t suffice either.

The only Christmas lights we will have this year!

Don’t even think about trying to have beautiful, twinkling lights all a-glow. The cat’s may mistake those for lightning bugs and try having a “light snack”… haaa haa! At this point we are at a complete loss. Should we switch to a real Christmas Tree? Does a certain type of tree keep them away? Would they then be covered in sap and collect all the fuzz and lint around the house? Hmm.. not a bad idea!

How would you keep your fuzzy family members off the Christmas tree?

Even Ken is flabbergasted with Pip’s flying entrance into the tree.
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