Tie the Knot

Can you tie any useful knots? Besides tying your shoe or using a granny knot to tie something down, were you aware of the utility of a handful of basic knots? I wasn’t! Perhaps the things I do with cordage most frequently involve securing to a tree or some other type of anchor, or needing to secure cargo in place. Once I began researching different types of knots, having a piece of cordage with me became my “fidget spinner”. I’d like to list just a few that I’ve found helpful for a variety of purposes.

Loops are…just that – loops. It’s putting a circular end onto a rope that can be used to hang on something. Hitches are used to secure rope to objects or fixed anchor points, and bends are used to attach ends of rope. I’ve linked my favorite sources that helped me on my knot-tying. You may still be wondering how in the world you can apply this in daily life. Here are ways I’ve implemented knots around the house.

  • constrictor knot, fisherman knot: securing cord to chain link fence and wrapping around storage bin doors to keep them in place
  • alpine butterfly loop, trucker’s hitch: securing cord to a trees and creating a taut ridge line for hanging items
  • constrictor knot: bundling firewood kindling
  • double sheet bend: tying strands of cord to make a longer one
  • double fisherman knot: making a lanyard to secure items

I have an extension ladder with no pull rope that I could probably get operational again. Like most things, a lot of practice helps retain that knowledge, muscle memory, and application. Cordage of various materials and sizes are good to store in your garage and vehicles. Some are made to withstand weather better than others. Start collecting some cordage and find some household uses for it!

Christian Mendoza
The content you've just consumed has undoubtedly made you more complete or has left you with more questions. So long as you don't need answers, everything will be fine. I'm a husband and a father of four. As a dad, I've learned a lot about teaching, and as a person, enjoyed getting teached. I have a curious mind and enjoy the challenge of solving problems - just not those problems. It makes for interesting writing. Maybe. - Christian

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