Giveaway: Mini Sprout Garden

Did you know that raw sprouts are really good for you? They are very high in nutrients, protein, folate, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, and vitamins C & K. They can be eaten on just about anything. Sandwiches or salads are the most popular way to eat them.

I found through the wholesale company that my co-op purchases from that they carried sprout gardens. I bought the table top sprout garden which came with 3 sprouting trays and different packets of seeds.

I used one of the trays to try it out for the first time with the Powerhouse blend which was a bean seed mix.

After putting the seeds into the tray, you soak them overnight. Then this is what Day 2 looked like.

I made sure to rinse them well twice a day. Here is a look at Day 3.

They still needed a little bit more time so on to Day 4.

Check out these babies! Day 5 they were ready to eat and delicious, I might add.

They were so tall. Every time I would walk by I would grab a handful and just eat them as is. They lasted only about 2 days after fully grown before they started to go bad. You have to be sure to eat them up fairly quickly. I’ve decided to make half batches so I don’t waste any in the future. I love them though and can’t wait to start a new batch.

Now, how would you like a chance to win a miniature sprout garden? Handy Pantry makes a variety of different sprouting options. This little one will give you a chance to see if sprouting is for you. If you like it, you can purchase more seeds from the company to continue with your kit.

Giveaway Winner was Ali. Congrats Ali!

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