Girl Glam Shazaam!

My 5 year old came up to me begging to play Minecraft with her but the controllers were dead and needed charged. Her little face started to droop and she was so sad. She walked off to sit by herself.

“Hey, Baby, want me to make your nails fancy?”, I asked. “What? YEAH!”, she said. Little sister heard it and started jumping up and down as well. They ran and got their nail polish and began yelling out what they wanted to have painted on their nails.

The 5 year wanted blue with gold glitter and a nail sticker. Little sister wanted pink with a multi-color glitter and nail stickers. So, busy I was painting away. Of course, little sister had to have hers fixed a few times because she would close her hand and smear it everywhere. She’s 2, she’ll learn.

They were so fascinated by the nail stickers. Who knew that would be the best part. It was hard to put them stright on their tiny nails but they adored them so that is what matters. Of course, I needed to do my nails to so I threw on some Jamberry nail wrapps that I had to use up. I think they turned out ok too.

Lesson to be learned here, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade! There is always a way to make a sad situation happy. Kids usually just want the attention. They want you to say yes to doing things with them instead of no. They want you to play with them, not your electronics. Don’t let those moments slip by. Life is too short and you can’t get those moments back.

What did you do special with your kiddos this weekend? Share in the comments. You know we all need new ideas!

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