Why the Bite?

My friend Tiffany and I were talking one day and we were really wondering why it seems mosquitoes bite certain people and not others. We both have a couple family members that seem like living targets for them. I decided to research the why in the mosquito hunting methods.

I found these resources by Healthline and Smithsonian that lay out some things that attract mosquitoes and why.

#1: They are attracted to high levels of carbon dioxide like humans put out after a workout or exercise.

#2: They are attracted to certain types of body odor. Another reason to convince your preteen to shower, right?!

#3: They are attracted to the colors black, dark blue or red. If you are wearing these colors, you look much more tasty to a mosquito.

#4: They are attracted to heat and water vapor like sweat when we are active or outside on a hot day.

#5: They learn smells and taste and put the two together and will repeat visit the hosts they had gotten a tasty meal from.

#6: They like how you taste after having beer. They need their moment to let loose too!

#7: They are attracted to a pregnant person due to higher carbon dioxide and generally body temperatures too.

#8: They are attracted to certain blood types. The most preferred is type 0, second preference is B and last preference is A.

#9: They are attracted to the high amounts of bacteria that naturally live on human skin.

#10: Some have more of a genetic disposition to be attractive to mosquitoes…blame your parents!

Are you one that is living mosquito bait? Do you have a loved one who is? Did you know these 10 things that attract these little vampires?

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  1. So basically we will continue to be a meal…I had heard about the carbon dioxide, but the fact that they “develop” a taste for you is not cool! LOL!


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