Check Out My Indoor Garden!

I am so excited that my indoor Tower Garden is fully functional and growing greens! I am so excited to have a salad a day and it be fresh and clean. No pesticides or toxic material anywhere near my produce. With things as crazy as they are, it is hard to say when or if produce is available and the quality of it. I want to be sure that my family has the best options for fresh produce.

My tower looks to me like a futuristic device and in a sense, I guess it is. You don’t need dirt to grow produce! Who knew?! If you want to further check out the details of this awesome garden, you can visit Juice Plus+ Tower Garden.

About a week ago, I started some seeds in rock wool with my starter kit. I let them begin to sprout out in the black based grower and then transferred them to the tower garden once I got the water balanced. Now, I just watch them grow. In one week’s time they went from tiny seeds to this! I get up every morning and see how much they have grown over night and it just amazes me.

I will be sure to do a weekly update so you can see how it progresses. I’m telling you, this is amazing and easy, so far!

Have you ever thought about dabbling in hydroponics? It is actually a really cool procedure to growing produce. No mess and very little stress. Another great thing is that I don’t have to get down on my hands and knees and pull weeds or vegetation. It is easy to reach for me and my kids. Once the produce is ready, they can pick right from the garden and enjoy a mouthful of delicious greens.

Would you consider purchasing one? Do you have experience with hydroponics? I would love to hear from you, comment below!

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