What time?

Do you ever find it hard to find the time to get all your tasks done in a day? I find it impossible! I make what I feel is a reasonable daily To Do list and I still can’t manage to get it all done. Sometimes I don’t even get half of it done.

My main problem is children! They always seem to throw a wrench into things. I love them and usually the wrench ends up more fun than my tasks but I still get frustrated at the end of the day when I see my list is not completed.

Another problem of mine is as I’m working on my tasks, I get side tracked with another thing that needs to be done before I can finish the current task. Sometimes, it is something that I realized was grossly dirty and just can’t go on without cleaning it. Sometimes the kids bring me something that needs fixed immediately. At least to them it needs immediate attention.

There are other times when I just feel like the list is too daunting. It is depressing to even think about doing just one of the items on the list, not to mention all of them so…. I hit shutdown mode. I literally just sit down to figure out where to start on the list and, well, never get back up. Sometimes you just need a good recharging nap, right?!

Am I alone? Do you feel the same way? Have you found a solution that helps combat this? I would love to hear it!

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