Is Easter Really about Bunnies & Chocolate Eggs?

The short answer to this question is no. Easter means so much more than this. For those of the Christian faith it is a celebration of the great love and sacrifice of Jesus the Son of God.

Jesus was the only one in history to be both man and God. He gave up Heaven to come to Earth to be born and live as we do. He faced all the struggles we do. The only difference is he made all the right choices in his life. He was perfection on Earth. He was loved by many but yet his chosen people betrayed Him.

He was punished and treated as a criminal. The only one to ever do absolutely nothing wrong was cruelly treated like a common thief. He was killed on a murderer’s cross. But, death could not keep Him down. The ground could not hold Him! God sent an angel from Heaven to roll the stone from the tomb and He rose from the dead. He was seen by many who both believed and those that did not believe before seeing Him risen. You better believe they believed Him after!

Many say they won’t believe what they can’t see. Do they believe anything from the past then? Any parts of history? If not, at least they are consistent. If so, how do you pick and choose what is suitable to believe and not believe the whole of history? The Bible is history recorded. Not only is it history, it is also prophesy. God spoke through the past to foretell the future. Many of the Biblical prophesies have been revealed already. There are a few yet to come.

Easter is a reminder of what we have yet to look forward to because of sacrifices made in the past. The greatest love story in the history of the world. Why would you not want to be a part of that!

So where did bunnies and chocolate come into play? Decorating of Easter eggs dates back to Medieval times as a celebration of new life. Some were very elaborately decorated. Easter bunnies were introduced by the Germans as a symbol of fertility. Through the years the idea of children actually being children and not just working toward adulthood became a more important ideology. Children started to become more and more a part of the main focus for holidays like Easter and Christmas. It was much more profitable for companies to promote this focus on children to boost their profits.

Many have lost sight on what the main focus ought to be. Neither Easter nor Christmas are really about children or candy. They are both about the birth, life, death, and resurrection of the Creator, Mentor, and Savior of the world. The next generation needs reminders of this. The truth of the reason for the holidays.

Do you spread the truth of the holidays? Do you also participate in the popular celebrations? I would love to heard your insights in the comments!

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