How to Make Your Own Seasoning Mixes

I don’t know if you are like me but I usually want to find the easiest way to do things.  Other times, I want to find the cheapest.  Sometimes I get lucky and both end up the case.

Lately, I have been trying to use up things in my kitchen that have been around here a while.  In the case of this post, I have a lot of single spices.  I have used up most of my seasoning mixes and am in need of things like taco, fajita, and chili seasoning.

Conveniently, I also co-run a produce co-op where we order bulk items like spices from a wholesale company and get them for super cheap compared to the grocery stores.  This makes making my own seasoning mixes so much more convenient and cheaper.  See, I got that two for one deal again!

Here is the list of the seasoning mix recipes that I have found to mix up and try. 

Have you made your spices from scratch before? If not, which one are you planning to try? I am going to make Chili, Taco, and Fajita seasoning tomorrow!

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