Why Not Sparkle!

Friends, let me tell you about my new favorite hobby…painting with diamonds! My friend Kelley has raved about them for a while and I was skeptical. How fun could placing a million tiny beads onto a sticky board be? It is so addicting!

Once I start, I don’t want to stop. I have so many projects to work on that are sitting unfinished. I have a ton of boxes to go through and things to thin out and get out of the house. I sell consignment and haven’t posted it much lately. This, I have found small patches of time for.

This picture does not do the sparkle and pretty of this picture justice.

It is so unbelievably relaxing and a huge stress relief. Here is my first project completed. It is the Rose in Glass from Beauty and the Beast. I grabbed this one from Amazon. It came with all the beads and tools I needed to finish the project. I do still plan to mat and frame this picture out and put it in our reading room that I have yet to design.

If you decide to jump in the newest craze and try one for yourself, be sure to get some labels so you can put your beads in the little baggies they give you and keep them straight. The sacks the beads come in do not have a seal so they will need to be in a spill proof bag or container with a new label. Also, the little square pink thing that comes with it is the gel that allows the bead to stick to the tool to transfer to your artwork.

Have you heard about painting with diamonds? Have you tried it yet? I would love to hear from you in the comments!

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