Have You Tried Creative Roots?

Have you been looking for a fun way to make sure your child stays hydrated with delicious flavored “juice”? You really should try this coconut water!

I was recently given the opportunity to have my kids try and review Creative Roots coconut water in the Mixed Berry flavor. I was also able to share thirty bottles with friends and family. The reviews from every age group were amazing!

Just to give you a little information about Creative Roots coconut water. This water contains only 1g of sugar. Yes, you read that right, 1g of sugar. The ingredients include water, coconut water concentrate, citric acid, stevia leaf extract, natural flavor, and rosemary extract.

Here are some videos of some kids that sampled the drinks for me and sent me their reactions. My kids continue to beg me to buy some more. It will definitely be a new staple around here!

You can grab these delicious drinks from Target and Walmart and several others stores. Once you try them, let me know what you think. Feel free to send me your video or pictures and I will add them to showcase your kiddo giving them a try! Enjoy!

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Disclaimer: I was given 30 bottles of this drink from The Insiders and Creative Roots to try and share with friends and family. No other compensation was given for this review.

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