Have you tried Walmart’s Beauty Box?


There is just something fun about a monthly subscription box. I guess that’s why there are tons of them out there. People love the mystery, getting a surprise in the mail. I’m one of those people. I love to get a fun little box in the mail and discover what’s inside.

I got my winter box and was excited to dig in. Watch my unboxing. Now I will give my honest review of them.

The first item is the Kiss Colors & Care Soft Satin Wrap Scarf .I’m not much of a scarf wearer, my hair flattened out is not so pretty. I will likely gift this item to someone. If you read this and you would like this scarf, comment and it could be yours!

The second item is the Kiss Color and Care Edge Fixer Glued Max Hold Grape. These sorts of products are useful for ballet recitals for my girls. They need their hair up in fancy buns and they have flyaways. This helps to keep the flyaways down and smooths out the hair for long enough to get through the recital. I don’t ever really style my hair in a way that I personally need this product.

The third item is Alaffia Authentic African Black Soap. This would likely not be a product I would pick off the shelf for myself. I have a repair shampoo I’ve been using on my hair recommended by my hair stylist to correct the damage to my hair from bleaching. Since we have it, we will use it as a soap in one of our bathrooms since it is an all-in-one hair or skin soap. The smell is awesome. I love Eucalyptus and Tea Tree essential oil fragrances so I’m good using this!

The fourth item is Lumineux Whitening Strips. I’ve honestly never used a whitening strip. The thought of it always made me nervous. Maybe I’ll give it a try and write a separate review about it. Have you tried them and liked them? I’m sure with my love of coffee, my teeth could use a little whitening help. This sample pack comes with 4 strips. Maybe Christian and I will both give it a shot.

The fifth item is Liquid I.V. Hydration Multiplier & Energy Multiplier. I got one packet of each. I’ve tried these before and really liked them. Did I feel a big difference after taking them? No. Did they taste good? Yes. I’ve only tried the hydration. I will see how the energy one works. Maybe I’ll feel a difference? We shall see.

Finally is the Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream. I am familiar with Cetaphil as I have a daughter with eczema. This lotion is one that is recommended because it doesn’t have artificial fragrance and it is specifically designed for sensitive skin. This is definitely going to get used by my youngest. It is actually a perfect size (0.5oz) for her to fit in her little bag she carries around.

Was this box designed specifically for me? No, not really. I would probably only purchase one item from this box for myself, the Liquid IV items. What about you? Did anything from this box speak to you? Don’t judge this box and then decide it isn’t for you. Several of the boxes I have received had some really fun stuff in them. In the past I have gotten nail wraps, silk scrunchies, cute lip color, chap sticks, etc. For $7.99 a season, it is a fun little box to get for a surprise that isn’t going to break the bank.


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