A Year of Positive Thinking

Have you ever heard the saying, “everyone has a story?” or, “be kind because someone may be fighting a battle we can’t see”.

Everyone has a story, or if you’re lucky enough, multiple stories. Events that happen in your life which don’t necessarily define who you are but indefinitely contribute to your character.

We hold these stories in our hearts like invisible scars. Scars we wish other’s could see and then maybe we would treat each other with just a little more kindness. The stories I’m referring to are not happy, positive, or uplifting ones but they are raw and real. They are what make us human: The death of a spouse, a miscarriage, an accident with a life-altering aftermath, divorces, losing one’s job, being homeless, break-ups…unfortunately, I could continue.

I have had my fair share of character building stories in my life: a divorce, the death of a significant other, being fired, numerous relationship fails, losing my home (twice), and the latest is a traumatic motorcycle accident which has left me unable to walk for the whole year. Gotta love 2020! It was during this time I began to look inward and worked on trying to heal my grief-stricken, traumatized mind while my bones tried to heal from being broken. It’s the least I could do while stuck in bed, immobile.

I purchased the book, A Year of Positive Thinking by Cyndie Spiegel. You can find it on Amazon. I realize I am a few days late in posting this for the start of the new year but really, any time is the right time to think positive.

For each painful experience, I have had that many moments filled with such great joy my heart could burst! Without this balance we wouldn’t appreciate the good as much. The fact of the matter is, we cannot control any of those stories, but we can learn to look at them with a more positive lens.

I won’t deny that every single day I am filled with sunshine and rainbows! I have my share of “bad” days, but I let it be what it is and then move on. I try to live in the moment and find good in all that I do. It truly does take practice and awareness to change your mindset, but eventually it will become a habit. One of the best habits you’ve ever had.

With the help of an amazing Cognitive Behavioral Therapist/Counselor and positive thinking tools and inspiration; I feel refreshed knowing I have the tools and ability to conquer one of the the hardest battles we face. Our own minds. Our minds are one of the most powerful organs in the world. I was enjoying my new mind-set so much that I wanted to take it further and purchased a more in-depth positive thinking journal. I will cover that one in another blog.

I would love for you to join me on this journey. Comment below with your thoughts.

We only have this one life. Why make it anything other than enjoyable?

Our Daily Dealings is written by three authors from different backgrounds and experiences. One is a married mom of four, one a single mom and one a single lady. All have faced different circumstances in life and all are willing to bring it to the table. There will be articles posted on just about everything so there should be something for everyone to enjoy.

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