Underwear under where?

For the past year, I have been working out 5-6 days a week. I have found that my favorite bottoms to wear are workout leggings. They are comfortable, hold things in place well and are breathable so I don’t feel like I am overheating.

One thing I noticed was a triangular patch inside the leggings similar to the inside of a swimsuit. Does this mean leggings are designed to be worn without under pants? I dug a little deeper and discovered that is a yes and no answer. It really depends on the leggings, what fabric they are. If they are see through at all, please for the sake of others, don’t go commando. If they are made of a breathable fabric that isn’t see through then they are safe to wear with no under pants. Self magazine has some good tips for doing this safely such as not wearing them more than once for the sake of bacterial contamination. Don’t put yourself at health risk for the sake of time and comfort.

I also surveyed my followers to see what their opinion was on wearing under pants with leggings and here is what the statistic was:

54% said wear the under pants! I personally agree with the 54%. I just can’t fathom not wearing underwear. Especially since I do sometimes wear my leggings more than once depending on how sweaty I get. If I get really sweaty where the waistband gets wet, they go straight into the dirty clothes. If they aren’t sweaty, I fold them and re-wear them one more time.

A few of my followers are seamstresses and they informed me that the little triangle in the leggings is a gusset. It helps the fabric lay right and prevents chaffing. This is definitely a good thing. When you are running and the fabric rubs your skin raw, it is very uncomfortable.

I have tried a lot of different kinds of leggings and my favorite by far were actually from Amazon.

These leggings fit wonderfully to cover my tummy and lay in a comfortable spot. They also stay in place and don’t roll. So many that I have tried will roll down if I do squats or bend over. These never do! Even if I have things in the pocket, they don’t get pulled out of place. The pockets are super handy and are on both sides of the leggings. As for the gusset, it is a small triangular one so it wouldn’t be a huge coverage for going commando but would still cover some. I will be buying more of these awesome leggings for sure!

What is your view of this whole thing? What do you prefer? Commando or wear the undies? I would love to hear your opinion!

Main post image by Daniel Reche from Pixabay.

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