What’s the Dill Anyways?

At the very beginning of spring, I started seeds like I always do. I set up my little Aldi greenhouse and planted a bunch of seeds. I waited and watered and nothing really happened…

Finally a few little greens sprouted. Would you want to guess what sprouted? Dill and cilantro, a whole lot of those. Oh, and one pepper plant. I guess this fall I will be making pickles and salsa for the most part.

I bought some soil and transplanted the little sprouts into pots that I hope I can keep them going in. I’ve read that you can clip them 2 inches above the ground and they will continue to grow. I’ll report back and let you know how they do.

Then, check out these lovely white onions also. I got them from my produce co-op and didn’t use them in time so they needed a chance to continue to sprout out as well.

I found a little patch of dirt that my chickens has hollowed out nicely and I dug some holes, popped them in and we will see what we get come fall. I’m hopefully we will have a harvest of onions. This time I won’t let them sprout, I will use, process or freeze them to be used over time.

The rest of my garden plans…well…there are four kids, a pandemic, civil unrest and the garden just isn’t priority. I have a tower garden on the way and a mini sprout garden growing in my kitchen so little by little we will eat great things!

Did you plant a garden this year? What are you hoping to be productive in your garden? If you didn’t plant one, what do you tend to grab at the grocery as far as fruits and vegetables? Comment and talk to me!

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