The Realm of Fear

What is fear anyways and why does it hold such a strong grip on us?

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this and changing my view. Fear is the belief that someone or something is dangerous. Right now, there is a lot of fear surrounding a virus. I won’t mention its name because frankly, I’m tired of hearing it and it holds no power over me. Many believe this virus is dangerous. It could cause them pain or threaten their lives.

Could this not happen with just about anything? There are thousands of deaths a year from transportation, various viruses, bug bites, poisoning, etc… Are these irrational fears of people?

Do they stop getting in cars to go place to place? No? Why?

Do they stop getting in airplanes to fly place to place? No? Why?

Do they stop going into public for fear of getting bit by a bug and contracting something? No? Why?

Do they not eat for fear of food poisoning? No? Why?

Because this would be irrational, right? Why this, why now are people imprisoned by fear?

What is the cause of fear? Usually it is the unknown. Will we get this virus? How? When? What will happen if/when we do? So many unknowns and this springs fear. The big questions to me are, why only this virus? Why is this not questioned of everything? If we feared every aspect of life, would we really be living? The answer is NO! Those that do, don’t live long and are definitely not very happy. Fear captures your mind which influences every single aspect of your life and actions.

Those with irrational fears are slaves to these feelings and can’t really live freely. They are prisoners in their own bodies, much like we are being imprisoned in our homes. The reality is that it is not healthy to live like this. It is not likely to change the outcome. It is not likely to prevent the spread of virus or disease. It is not going to prevent death. Death is something we will all face at one time or another. No one lives forever, death is a surety. Maybe the only surety in life.

I, for one, will not live enslaved in the fear of the unknown. I will not live in worry of what could happen. I will not allow someone to tell me how I should live my life or when. Life is too short as it is. Living in fear and worry is not really living. Remember the saying, “Live each day as if it were the last.” “We are not promised tomorrow.” Would you want your last day to be filled with fear and worry, trapped? Wouldn’t you rather your last day be with those you love and doing what you enjoy?

Disclaimer: This is just food for thought, I don’t claim to have all the answers or wish to start a debate. Sometimes thinking out loud is the only way to validate and harness your own feelings.

Are you fearful? Is it governing your life? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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