November Movie Marathon!

My family and I love to watch movies. The hard part is choosing a movie that we all want to watch at the same time. I looked around for 30 day movie challenges because I love those types of things but I couldn’t find one. I did find a list of must see movies for November listed on Reader’s Digest.

Some of the movies on the list are family friendly and others are not so much. We do have VidAngel at our house so there are several movies that the kids wouldn’t otherwise be able to watch that they could now. My kids have loved to watch some classics that normally have too much language or gore but with this service, those things are edited out.

Here is the calendar that I set up for us to go off of this month. We may not watch them in this order but these are the goal movies for the month. I will list where I was able to find each one for free or cheap. Some I’m still trying to get a hold of so they may be replaced with other ones as we go along. I have requests in for them so we will try to get them.

Here is the movie list and where to find them. Some of the days there are multiple options if I have seen one or the other or if there is a charge for one of the options:

  1. Home for the Holidays, PG13 – Pluto or Roku for FREE
  2. Hollidaysburg, NR – GooglePlay or YouTube for $1.99 rental; Nightbooks, PG13 – Prime Video for FREE
  3. Friendsgiving, R – Netflix for FREE
  4. An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving, PG – Prime $8 rental; The November Man, R – Netflix for FREE
  5. Little Fockers, PG13 – TBS or TNT for FREE or Prime Video for $3.99; Fantastic Mr. Fox, PG – Disney Plus for FREE
  6. Holidate, MA – Netflix for FREE
  7. Pieces of April, PG13 – Prime Video for FREE
  8. Planes, Trains & Automobiles, R – Library for FREE
  9. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, PG – Library for FREE
  10. Turkey Hollow, PG – Library for FREE
  11. The Blind Side, PG13 – Library for FREE; Tower Heist, PG13 – Library for FREE
  12. Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade, G – Library for FREE
  13. Rocky, PG – Library for FREE; Lez Bomb, PG14 – Roku or Redbox for FREE
  14. Dead Poets Society, PG – Prime Video for $3.99; Giant, G – Library for FREE
  15. Krisha, R – Kanopy for FREE
  16. Thankskilling, MA – Pluto for FREE
  17. One True Thing, R – Library for FREE
  18. Soul Food, R – Redbox for $2.99; Inception, PG13 – Hulu for FREE
  19. The Daytrippers, R – I’m still look a good source for this one. I don’t have HBO and I don’t want to buy it for $15. I’ll keep you posted.; Parasite, R – Hulu for FREE
  20. Addams Family Values, PG13 – Netflix for FREE
  21. Sweet November, PG13 – Prime Video for $2.99; Leon: The Professional, R – Netflix or Pluto for FREE
  22. She’s Gotta Have It, R – Netflix for FREE
  23. The Oath, R – Kanopy for FREE
  24. What’s Cooking, PG13 – Tubi, IMDBTV, or VUDU for FREE
  25. Mistress America, R – Library for FREE
  26. Instant Family, PG13 – Library for FREE; The Turkey Bowl, R – Hulu for FREE
  27. The Gold Rush, G – IMDBTV, Comedy Classics or Hollywood Classics for FREE
  28. Free Birds, PG – Netflix for FREE
  29. Autumn in New York, PG13 – Roku or Pluto for FREE
  30. The Wiz, G – Peacock for FREE

There are more than 30 movies here so you should have no trouble choosing a new one each day that maybe you haven’t see or you haven’t seen in a decade or so. If you watch one not on the list that you feel should be a must see movie, please comment. If my family likes this, I will do this every month! I would love to see what you would add to the list for December!

Our Daily Dealings is written by a husband and wife team and some guest authors. We come from very different backgrounds, family, cultural units but we have found a way to make 20 years work. We are so glad you are here and appreciate your support. Thank you for giving us even a few minutes of your time and we would covet your comments! Hope you have a great day!

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