Hello Fresh Unboxing and Review

Hey, Mom! What’s for dinner?

Hello Fresh comes with a minimum of three meals per week. This picture shows the recipe cards.
Fresh ingredients come in the brown paper bags, and anything frozen is lying on top of an ice pack.

That seems to be the constant question I hear at home. We end up getting stuck in a rut and fixing the same old thing over and over. We needed some variety and since I was already having a hard time getting around; I was also looking for something easy to make. You’ll be happy to know that you can thank my broken leg for yet another subscription box adventure! I had a coupon to try Hello Fresh, and I figured why not give it a try!

What I love about this subscription box is it comes with everything, prepackaged, pre-measured and ready to go! Usually, you need to provide your own staple ingredients such as butter, salt, pepper, sugar, etc. I also love that Hello Fresh has a large, easy to follow recipe card that you can keep for later if you want to recreate the meals on your own. I plan on putting my favorites in a binder.

I’ve noticed the recipes try to incorporate at least two vegetables in each meal! For someone who is trying to get more veggies in their life; they make it effortless!

This is the ingredient list for Pork Flautas Supreme, a Hello Fresh meal we made last night!

Upon reading reviews, Hello Fresh has been known to save people grocery money in the long run. I have yet to test that theory out since this will be our 2nd week of boxes coming soon. You can choose at least three meals to come per week. You can also skip as many weeks as you wish, too. You select your meals for the week through their easy to use app.

I have enjoyed taking the guess work out of meal times. I am also trying to watch my weight even more due to this lovely broken leg, and our Hello Fresh boxes help with meal prepping.

The directions are on the reverse side of the ingredient lists.

My daughter jumps with joy whenever she sees the green and brown box sitting on our porch each week. She has begun helping with prepping our meals and is interested in trying new things. We’ve been having so much fun with this subscription box! Comment below about your experience with Hello Fresh!

Finished Pork Flautas! This recipe was kid approved by my 7-year-old. She at it all up!
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