Defeat and Repeat

Lately, I have just been feeling defeated. Do I have a real reason for this? Yes and no. That is the short answer.

I do, feel like my opinions are tossed aside or immediately discredited because I have an unpopular opinion about current events. I am the type of person where if my good friends have an opinion, I would hear them out. I may not agree with them but I would give them the respect to hear them out. Unfortunately, in most cases, I am not getting the same respect. I am immediately discredited as if I am uneducated and just believing conspiracy. What I believe to be true has just as many credible resources if not more than the opposing argument but I am being treated as the nonsensical.

Friends, this government control has done way more to people than anyone wants to admit. It has made people rude, ignorant, aggressive and angry. Was this intentional? I believe so. Before this all hit the fan, people were getting along, to an extent. Things were good. More people had employment than every before, stock markets were soaring. People were overall happy with life. They didn’t feel like their life laid in the hands of the government which has not been on their side for a very long time. Now, just 2 months later, defeat. People feel lonely and defeated. The tables sure have turned on us.

When are we as a people going to stand up and see that there is more to the story? When are we going to come together and work to find the truth? When are we going to set aside the anger and try to hear out those that we trusted with information before, instead of those with a history of lies and deceit.

My family has been watching Once Upon a Time on Netflix and one line from the character Snow really resonated with me. “Are we just stuck in a cycle of defeat and repeat?” Friends we will be if we don’t wake up. God help us as a nation and I long for His quick return.

Don’t leave your friends behind. Check in on them. Hear them out, even if you know they don’t agree with you. You might be the one person that gave them the chance to get feelings off their chest. This could be life saving for some who fight with anxiety and loneliness already. Don’t let the opportunity to be “The One That Listened” slip away. Break the cycle of defeat and repeat.

Are you “The One” or are you in need of this very important person? I want to hear your thoughts.

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  1. I can relate with this a bunch. When you choose alternative reasoning as to whats going on with our nation today and it doesn’t comply with the mainstream media mentality that, I’m sorry to say, a lot of Americans are brainwashed into believing, people label you a conspiracy theorist on “kook”. But, what is a theory? In everyday use, the word “theory” often means an untested hunch, or a guess without supporting evidence. Even theorists admit sometimes that their claims are, in fact, theories and can’t always be proven. There may not be any hard, undisputable evidence that George Soros is funding Antifa and BLM (who’s leaders are trained arxists btw) but I believe there will be, soon, when President Trump is re-elected. So, believe me you’re not alone. I’ll here you out, but I’m afraid if I let you know all my thoughts in this reply it may just get a little lengthy.
    I also try to be “The One” but am also guily of failing at that title because of my own, personal, shortcomings. I do believe I’ve gotten a lot better though. Faliure, patience and time can be a great teacher as long as we don’t think we have all the time in the worl and fail to use the time we have.
    Plus…needless to say…I believe we are kind of on the same wave length. We all get a bit exhausted and feel defeated…but I have to admit, when the word “defeat” comes to mind, you not one that I associate along with it 😉


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