A Nasal Rinse today…

…could keep ailments away! There are some amazing benefits to nasal rinses that may make it worth adding to your list of ammunition against colds, virus, or sinus infections.

  1. Rids your nose of things that don’t belong there. Some of these things are environmental allergens, pollen, dirt, dried mucous, even virus or bacterial particles.
  2. It can help reduce nasal dryness. If this is something you deal with which can often lead to nose bleeds, this could really help you.
  3. It can help reduce nasal swelling by shrinking mucous membranes, increasing your ability to breath more easily.
  4. Nasal rinses increase the flow of mucous allowing your sinuses to stay clear which can also reduce the instances of snoring caused by sinus congestion.
  5. As long as it isn’t overdone, it can reduce the instances of sinus infection.

Remember, just like anything it is important to pay attention to the details and do it right. Always use distilled or boiled water. Tap water may contain contaminates or bacteria that could cause serious illness or even death. Be careful not to squeeze the bottle too hard if you are using a bottle rinse. Sinus rinse pot will provide a more uniform flow that won’t be high pressure (They look similar to a tea pot and can be made of plastic or ceramic). Once it is done, give it time and let your nose drip. You don’t want to blow it right after a rinse.

I know several people who swear by nasal rinses. They claim it prevents them from getting colds, reduces the length of a cold if they do get one, and they don’t get nose bleeds or headaches. This maybe a good thing to add to your weekly agenda…change the sheets…do a nasal rinse…I mean, why not!

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A Nasal Rinse today…

...could keep ailments away! There are some amazing benefits to nasal rinses that may make it worth adding to your list of ammunition...

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