Well, I’ve decided to publish my gaming sessions with my sons on to YouTube. I took the time to develop a banner and introduction clip for all the videos. I had introduced them to a few of my favorite first person shooters several years ago. The first was Half Life, followed by Half Life: Firearms, and finally, Aliens vs. Predator 2. We had a lot of fun yelling across the room at one another, since we were all playing in separate parts of the house – a LAN nerd party. Perhaps that term is somewhat redundant. In college, I had created a couple maps modeled after houses and local establishments in town. Within recent years, I modeled more houses (close quarter battle makes for some non-stop action), part of our church, and a larger than life DJ setup, complete with my actual 4-channel mixer and Technics turntables. It’s complete, with the exception of weapons; I guess those are needed for deathmatches.

Go ahead and demolish that Like button and subscribe. I will gladly take your suggestions for new map ideas. That is to say, places where we shoot each other up. It could be your office, your favorite park, or other local places. Custom sounds and images work well, also. One thing that’s different than what I’ve published on Rumble is the addition of our verbal interactions and reactions during gameplay. More custom maps will be featured with Half Life, as I’ve not learned the map creator for AvP2. But with AvP2, we can play various characters, whereas Half Life features only one.

I used to beat them – obviously in the beginning, but that doesn’t really count. After a while, they became competent, and it was really fun. Now, it’s kind of a joke, resulting me in titling one of my videos, “I Actually Win”. Nevertheless, it is a grand ole time.


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