What the Heck is That Smell?

Having little people around can be so wonderful.  They are little versions of you and for the most part are delightfully cute…until you attempt to clean up after them.  There are just some areas of this task that are not fun.  Namely, the bathroom.  Who knew that such little people were capable of messes in disastrous proportions?  How do the splashes end up on the opposite wall?  How did that get on the ceiling? 

I feel a little like Cinderella.  I grab my canister of cleaning wipes and go in.  You know what I mean?!  I mean, it is serious stuff.  I’m wiping the walls, tub, toilet, sink…the floor.  Bathrooms were not designed for cleaning.  That’s a hard NOPE!  There are so many turns and small areas that a broom and mop just can’t get to.  It is easier to take a hand broom and get the bulk then go in with the wipes.  It is really the only way to do it and make sure you covered all the bases, literally.  The smells you notice when on your hands and knees scrubbing are not for the faint at heart.  How, just how can something really smell that badly?

My tiny people, someday you will be in my shoes.  Someday you will see why mommy didn’t want to look at you for a few minutes after that.  You will someday thank me for the delightful smell that you got to enjoy while taking your fun bathes or enjoying your long showers.  It’s all for love, little people.  See my example.  See what needs to be done and do it, even if it isn’t a glorious task.  Even if you feel a little like Cinderella in those moments.

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