What Makes a Good Movie?

There is just something about having some free time and popping on a good classic movie. The classics are the best. Why is that? Why do movies now not compare?

The movies today have some important elements missing in my opinion. They may be high definition and improved color and booming sound but that isn’t what makes the movie great. What makes the movie great is the story line, content, and how it is laid out.

Actors in the classics were genuine, they looked as if they felt the part. They were chosen because they perfectly fit the parts they were given. They walked in the shoes of those they portrayed. They had an understanding of the feelings, concepts and ideals that the writers envisioned for the characters.

Most films were genuinely family friendly. They were designed to be true family entertainment. Suitable for even the smallest member of the family. Some have a small amount of language but over all clean. Movies now are over sexualized and so much unnecessary profanity. There are so many times I will watch a movie and think, “Why did they need to say that word then?” The words do not bring any added meaning or benefit to the film so why put it in there? To look cool? There are some that don’t think those words are cool. Maybe the general public doesn’t mind it but why chance being offensive when it is not necessary?

Classics have the ability to really play on your emotions. They all seem to have a confident and happy aura about them. Singing and dance where exceptional. Truly talented actors that could move and sing with elegance. Today’s movies have singing and dance that is provocative and doesn’t show much raw talent. A lot of butt shaking and not so much of a graceful, purely talented ability shining through.

These original movies show the true nature of humanity in a positive light. There were good clean comedies, wholesome story lines, pure romance and plots in these greats. Today’s movies are full of exaggerated sex and violence. The bigger the explosion or the most blood, the better…Not many of today’s movies are free of blood, killing or intimacy. Why can’t we just have a movie we would not be embarrassed to watch with our grandparents, parents and kids all together? I enjoy sitting and watching a movie with my kids but even in cartoon style movies, there are lines that are sexualized or some sort of inappropriate insinuation.

Older movies were thrilling and purely entertaining due to the abilities and talents of the actors. There were no special effects like now to create and manipulate entertainment. What you saw was done by the actors, not digitized on a computer. Why did we switch to computer generation? Was it innovation? Was it laziness? Was it a lack of talent in the industry? I guess any of those questions could be the case. Maybe a combination of all of them. All I know is that older movies had a unique, raw thrill factor that is not replicated with computers.

Films used to be made to speak on the situations of their time, the life they were living. Watching them now gives us a blink into how life was lived in their respective time. Sometimes the films took a biased approach but most were genuinely what was seen and felt at the time. Movies now lack life events, they lack conviction. Too many are afraid to step on toes that real issues are tiptoed around. If there is not discussion about life issues, there will be division as can be seen through history.

Classic movies are something that every generation after should be introduced to. Issues in the movies should be talked about and used as an example of how life has changes for the good and for the bad. Movies that bring laughter and tears in a genuine, heart felt way. Kids today may say these movies are boring but I think there can be lessons that could be taught to directly relate the themes of the movies to their lives and experiences. Things in the movie may be different but human nature is the same.

Do you agree that classic movies are a treasure trove and should be introduced generation after generation? What is a classic that stands out to you as a personal favorite? Mine would be Singing in the Rain or Meet Me in St. Louis. There are just aspects of those movies that make it unforgettable to me. I appreciate a good black and white that I can personally imagine the colors. I can envision what the background looked like by the story lines and the character’s persona.

I wish that someday film writers see what first made films what they were and do some work towards bringing back those special aspects of the classic film genre. What are some of your all time favorite classics? What makes them stand out above the rest? What do you feel is the main reason for all the changes in film production today?

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