Keep ‘Em Coloring!

My girls love to color. Lately the newest thing is a coloring contest. They want to color a page and then have us judge whose is best. This is good and bad at the same time.

I am a believer in kids learning how to lose with grace but when my three year old breaks down in tears because I said big sister’s picture was better that time, oh the tears. It is tough to teach that little diva that she can’t always be #1. It is a hard lesson for her to learn and a difficult one for me to teach her.

I figured out that if I give them a challenge. For instance, I told them the most colorful picture would win round #1. The second round the one to stay within the lines would win. This gave them different goals to work for and me an easy way to tell who would win that round.

Since my kids love to color, I am always looking for fun, new, FREE coloring pages that they would love. Here are some that I have found:

JoJo Siwa FREE download

Teacher’s Pay Teachers FREE downloads

Crayola Children’s and Adults FREE downloads

Printable Coloring pages & Activity pages

Print or Color Online huge variety of picture choices

Print or Download including Disney pictures and many more

If you have any other FREE coloring page resources, please share in the comments. I would love to have more to add to this list!

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