Fess Up and Own It!

I have seen some ridiculous things floating around cyberspace lately. People severely desperate for attention from everyone and everything.

What happened to the days where you do something stupid, you deal with the consequences, you learn your lesson, and you move on? Why is it everyone these days wants to air their dirty laundry for the entire world to see? Are people that seriously desperate for attention and money that they will do anything to get it.

Have you ever read warning labels on things? Have you thought to yourself, “Seriously, they need to put this on there?” Yes, yes they do because people are that ridiculous. If you order a cup of coffee, you assume it is hot, correct? Yet, the coffee cup must have the warning “Caution: HOT”. In my mind, duh! Nope, its because someone was a klutz, spilled their coffee all over themselves, didn’t own it and sued the restaurant. Why? Because they could.

Honestly, I would be too embarrassed to sue the company for my own clumsiness. I mean, how do you even call a lawyer and find one willing to take on a case like that? “Hi, I am looking to sue this place because they served me hot coffee that I asked for and spilled all over myself because I’m a klutz.” I just can’t….

Super glue…can we talk a minute about super glue or adhesives. What do you pull these things out for? Serious jobs that you don’t want to ever budge again, right? The bottles say PERMANENT for a reason. What in anyone’s mind would give them any indication, whatsoever, that this could be used on the body and not have serious repercussions? It is meant to permanently bind two objects together. You spray or apply this to, lets say, your hair…what do you think may happen? It really doesn’t take a genius, or shouldn’t, to realize this is a REALLY bad idea. Then to threaten to sue the company because their product, which says it is not meant to be used on or near the skin or clothing, works as described. All of this 100% for the public eye to see, follow and literally buy into.

There are so many cases of this happening all the time. So many people doing idiotic things and then blaming someone else when the situation goes very wrong. What happened to owning your actions, suffering the consequences, picking up the pieces, learning from your mistakes and doing better next time? How did such reasonable logic just evaporate into thin air? When did the human race become so self-absorbed, willing to destroy everyone around them to make themselves look one ounce better?

You know the worst part of all of this? Majority of the people that are publicly doing these nonsensical things, getting social glory, money and undeserved fame are over the age of 18. Those over the age of 18 vote. They vote for who gets to be our public leaders. Does this scare you? It should.

I have asked several people why they hear about these people and continue to follow them and feed into their undeserved popularity over a failure and they say they have to see the end result. Are we really so bored that we have to give fame and hours of attention to undeserving stories as this. How much time is spent considering those that are fighting daily for our safety? That are separated from their loved ones to fight battles that the people know little about or care to learn about. Our focus is skewed.

I think we as a society need to do better. We need to better raise the next generation to own up to their mistakes. Mistakes in themselves are not wrong, they are life lessons that each individual needs to learn for themselves. Should we share our mistakes with the world? That depends. Are you going to share the mistake in an effort to help prevent others from making that same mistake or are you doing it to get recognition, money or fame? Next, move on. Mistakes will happen and they always carry consequences. Those consequences are lessons to teach us how to make better decisions in the future. This is how we survive. If we are encouraged to continue to make poor decisions, we will soon meet our demise.

Some may say, we should show compassion even to those that make mistakes. Absolutely we should. If I have a friend or family member that comes to me and says, “Hey, I did something stupid, I need help getting out of this situation.” I would sit down with them and we would discuss how they could make their situation better. Would I give them money? That depends. Does this person have a history of bad decisions that ends in monetary loss? Is this an isolated situation that got them in a bind? There are lots of things to consider depending on the circumstances. If this same person went viral airing this dirty laundry, trying to pass on the blame to someone else, looking for money…I would not assist them in their monetary downward spiral.

Burn me once, shame on you. Burn me twice, shame on me. This phrase used to be used often but I rarely hear it anymore. If someone comes to you for assistance and they take advantage of you, they better not ever come back. If they did and you fell for it again, it serves you right!

How do you feel about these types of situations? Do you see it as a sociological decline as I do? A lack of properly passing on very important life lessons to the next generation? Tell me your thoughts in the comments.

Our Daily Dealings is written by a husband and wife team and some guest authors. We come from very different backgrounds, family, cultural units but we have found a way to make 20 years work. We are so glad you are here and appreciate your support. Thank you for giving us even a few minutes of your time and we would covet your comments! Hope you have a great day!
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