Do you Fetch?

I am always up to try out apps that help me earn back money. I have tried several different ones and have been unimpressed by most that I have tried.

Recently a friend of mine told me about Fetch. She mentioned that just by scanning her store receipts or linking her email, she was earning gift cards for her favorite stores. I was skeptical as I had tried other apps like this but decided to give it a try.

I have been a member of Fetch for only a few months, scanning my receipts when I remember, and have already earned $25 gift card and rising. Y’all, it is free money just to scan my receipts or make purchases online. I’ll be honest, I scan every receipt I find, my mom’s, aunt’s, cousin’s, etc.

Fetch offers gift cards to restaurants, stores, online stores, online services, etc. The biggest one for me was Amazon. I am always ordering from Amazon so that will definitely be a bonus for me.

What are the money saving apps that you use and why? I would gladly try and review any that you recommend to me. Try anything once, right!

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